Making Paper Flowers for Relay for Life Fundraising

  • February 5, 2013

Pictures Submitted by Kelly Bahoric

PotatoFest with University City Kiwanis

  • November 8, 2012

Pictures submitted by Kelly Bahoric

Professional Pajama Social (Pt 2)

  • October 23, 2012

Pictures submitted by Kelly Bahoric

Professional Pajama Social

  • October 23, 2012

Pictures submitted by Kelly Bahoric

Abby, Ayushi, Justin, and Veronica volunteering at the local Food Bank

  • October 19th, 2012

Pictures submitted by Abby Taylor

Testimonial: Zach Dill on his experience at DLSSP 

"During the Fall District Large Scale Service Project, we were broken into four 8-man teams. Each team got a different job, with different leaders. My leaders were Megan, from Appalachia State, and Rodney, of Lenoir-Rhyne. They were both fun to work with, as our group helped clean up some recent storm damage to the Boy’s and Girl’s camp along with helping to clean-up some of the campus vehicles. However, I must say, my favorite event, was standing with my fellow ECU students Abby Taylor, Sarah Chang, and Natasha Pearce to talk about our school with the teens at the campus. It was a great experience being able to talk about our lives, helping to introduce an idea for a lifestyle many had not considered before. Several of the girls were considering ECU, for majors ranging from Nursing to Criminal Justice, and enjoyed talking to our club. They were even more so entertained about the "ECU Gunbrella Incident", which was all the better since I met the Gunbrella man before he graduated. Talking with some of the guys, however, revealed a distance from attending college that we did our best to rectify. After an 30 minutes with both the Girl’s and the Boy’s, the different clubs got to talk with each other about our school and what we like/disliked about it. While different, I heard many good things about the other Circle K groups in the state of North Carolina, and heard many good things about the North Carolina State Circle K and the Duke Circle K. When I go near those schools, I’ll be sure to stop by and see the new friend’s I’ve made at this District Event! I cannot wait for the next one, coming up in a few weeks, at Carrowinds for Fall Call Conference!"

Relay for Life 2012

Pictures submitted by Ayushi Shah


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